All equipment and furniture are designed and manufactured in-house by our professional team of engineers and designers, reflecting Silhouet-Tone’s expertise in each piece of product we create.

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Committed to keep excellence at the core of manufacturing processes, Silhouet-Tone meets the international requirements for quality and safety, carrying TÜV and/or CSA/UL certifications in addition to ISO 13485 certification for medical equipment .

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Silhouet-Tone’s history has been marked by pioneering inventions. From the Structural Remodeling System to the Lumicell Wave and more, we constantly improve our methods and processes to always offer the best and most innovative equipment.

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Our reputation is based on proven expertise and staff that is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Over 30 patented products

Investment in research and development has resulted in a growing number of patents highlighting our commitment to use the latest advances in technology.

Active in more than 53 countries

Our global reach has expanded in step with the growing success of our products. At present, Silhouet-Tone is active in 53 countries with products that are sold on every continent.

Expertise in 23 proven technologies

We use a variety of technologies that are clinically and scientifically proven and acknowledged. In fact, our approach is based on substantial investment that involves having research teams around the world.

Trusted by 56 distributors

Winner of many awards as a recognition of its trustworthy relationship with clients and suppliers, Silhouet-Tone has built a reputation for its furniture and equipment on a long history of technological breakthroughs, performance, safety, reliability and dialog with customers while meeting the industry’s most exacting requirements.

Our Values

At Silhouet-Tone, we believe in a collaborative business partnership with our valued customers to carry a shared dream. Hence we are committed to keep quality and focus on clients’ needs a central concern either in production or in selling processes.  

Our History

We have been transforming the workspaces of beauty professionals since 1964 by combining functionality with creative inspiration, quality with accessible comfort, and exclusive design with affordable prices.


Our Team

Our team includes engineers and scientists striving to find innovative, non-invasive, and painless solutions to skin imperfections, and  dedicated staff whose first mission is to analyze the customer’s needs and suggest the best adapted equipment, taking into account the client’s goals, space, budget and clientele to provide the very best in quality products and unbeatable customer service. We look forward to see you soon!

Canadian Offices


2185, Michelin
Laval, Québec  H7L 5B8



1000, avenue Saint-Jean Baptiste
Suite #105
Québec, Québec  G2E5G5



5080 Timberlea Blvd. Unit 11
Mississauga, ON L4W 4M2