IBIS 2 PIECE PROBES, the perfect tool for high-precision permanent hair removal

Deciding between a one and two piece probe is matter of personal choice. It is usually motivated by school training. It is important though to understand the benefits of the two piece probe while it impacts the treatment effectiveness and success, but also the patient comfort!

Two piece probes are manufactured using two separate components which make them highly flexible and perfectly adapted to the curve of the follicle. This enables the electrologists to feel the follicle bottom and avoid piercing it.

More successful treatments with less scabbing!

Ibis 2 piece probes concentrates energy at the bottom of the follicle to destroy hair, but also target hair growing cells. The flexibility of the 2 piece probes helps increase the ‘’insertion precision’’ which is important for successful treatments. If the angle of insertion is incorrect, the 2 piece probe will fold informing the operator of the problem, unlike one piece needles that will insert even if the angle is wrong.

Unlike two piece probes, one piece probes are very rigid. These probes are generally useful for coarser hair, however their rigidity increases the chances of puncturing the follicle and scabbing. One piece probes also require more dexterity during treatment and the success will rely on the operator’s experience and ability.

Now available in insulated format

The probe is coated with a smooth medical insulant making insertion very comfortable. The non-insulated part of the probe selectively destroys the lower two third of the hair follicle, while the insulated upper part protects the skin, preventing from superficial irritations and pigmentation problems. A good way to expand your clientele while reassuring anxious patients.

One probe fits all

Ibis 2 piece probes helps increase the treatment precision. But that is not all. They may also be used during Flash thermolysis, reducing your costs.


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