Express care around your client’s delicate eye area

Express care around your client’s delicate eye area

Welcome to all beauty professionals!

Winter has been long and fatigue is felt in the eyes of your clients? Here is an express care in 15 minutes to awaken their look and give a sensation of freshness to the delicate area around the eyes.

For an effective, high quality care that molds to the eye contour perfectly, use the Eye Patch Expert Mask. It will reduce the volume of the under-eyes puffiness and lighten the color of the shadows under the eyes.

To accentuate the results, perform the Sonicator on the patches. Its ultrasounds stimulates collagen and elastin fibers.

Follow the secrets of our beauty professionals through the video below so that your clients can have a completely transformed and rejuvenated look!

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Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Pump’Énergy Eye Contour Gel
Eye Patch Expert Mask