Silhouet-Tone is a family business that starts with a dream, the desire of the founder’s wife to open a school; a goal that she achieves in 1961, with the opening of the ‘Centre d’Études Esthétiques’ school in Montreal.

Josette Ghedin is a true pioneer. The school is responsible for introducing a brand new vocation – that of esthetician – and teaching budding beauty care professionals how to perform face and body treatments. Josette Ghedin is in charge of overseeing everything, from training her team, to importing, from Europe, esthetic products and equipment that do not yet exist in Canada; products without which she could not share her passion with other like-minded people. For Ms. Ghedin, beauty is founded on intelligent skin care, on products that give the skin a natural, radiant glow, and on treatments that leave the skin feeling healthy and taut. At the end of the one-year course, her newly certified students are ready to work as full-fledged estheticians. The school is so successful that a hundred or so of her former students return to teach, in an effort to share their love for the profession as well as encourage others to build their own businesses.

It is not long before Alphonse Ghedin puts his skills and ingenuity to good use, and together, they begin to dream about creating must-have esthetic equipment that every esthetician would want and need.

In 1965, Alphonse Ghedin proudly becomes the founder of Silhouet-Tone, thus helping realize the dreams of those who have dedicated themselves to this new vocation. He is joined, in 1984, by his son Eric, who eventually takes over the family business. It is Eric who builds the brand and expands into the international market by creating the American subsidiary, Silhouet-Tone USA.


The company's captivating history is both rich and unique. Silhouet-Tone was the first manufacturer of esthetics equipment in Canada. Shortly after it was founded in 1965, it experienced outstanding growth. The company showed great promise even in its early years. Despite its small size, it established a global presence, distributing Swiss steamers and German electrolysis equipment, in addition to manufacturing its own equipment. Here are some of the company’s major achievements and milestones:


Foundation of the Centre d’Études Esthétiques, the very first accredited school of esthetics and electrolysis in Canada.


Silhouet-Tone is founded.


No longer satisfied with producing basic equipment, the company decides to specialize in the design of muscle stimulation and electrolysis equipment.


The very first Canadian-made electrolysis device sees the light of day. Known as the Thermodyne, it bears the Silhouet-Tone name.


Silhouet-Tone is already officially known as the leading manufacturer of esthetic equipment in Canada.


Silhouet-Tone develops a new system: painless electrolysis, which, until this point, had only resulted in one failure after another when attempted by the competition.


Backed by strong growth and prosperity in Canada, Silhouet-Tone sets its sights on the American market and creates the Silhouet-Tone USA subsidiary.


This year is marked by another Silhouet-Tone invention. This one, known as the Sequential Servo-Blend, is the first “smart” unit. It features no fewer than 40 programs and operates much like a computer.


Silhouet-Tone targets Europe and, more specifically, the French market by launching the Blend 128, and, for the first time, enters France’s medical network.


Silhouet-Tone registers its first patented system known as “Sequential Modulation”. The units that are equipped with this system are both simple to operate and technically advanced.


The company opens an office in Toronto.


The company sets its sights on the Southern Hemisphere and creates Silhouet-Tone Australia.


Silhouet-Tone Europe is established in Switzerland to better manage the company’s rapidly expanding market.


Silhouet-Tone launches the MC Peel – the first microdermabrasion unit to market in North America. The ST Peel follows the next year. The success of this unit is unprecedented. A patent is filed for the Turbo Flow, a device invented by Silhouet-Tone to evenly propel the crystals at a constant speed. A few years later, the highly anticipated Derma Pod breaks all previous sales records.


The company opens an office in Quebec City and earns ISO 9001 certification, confirming that it meets strict quality standards.


Silhouet-Tone meets all ISO 13485 medical standards.


The company launches the Soli-Tone 2500 system, an impressive photobiostimulation unit that features 2500 diodes and four wavelengths. The system has been preceded by Silhouet-Tone’s Soli-Tone and Lumicell Touch, which are both light therapy devices.


Silhouet-Tone unveils the Lumicell Wave 6, the first device on the market to combine all the technologies that are known to effectively fight cellulite-related problems. To this day, no other device has been able to achieve this goal.


The celebrated Skin Remodeling System, a multiple award-winning structural rejuvenation device is launched. It combines five technologies, making the system experience unprecedented growth due to high demand on every continent.


Many Silhouet-Tone’s devices obtain Health Canada’s approval.


A new system makes the news to improve skin imperfections: It is Silhouet-Tone’s Vascu Lyse 2G RF system which effectively fixes the skin’s unsightly little flaws. It is the unique system in Canada that provides an esthetical solution to this problem.

A collaboration between Silhouet-Tone and University of Montreal results in the publication of the company’s first white paper in a medical journal, explaining the impact of pulsed currents and ultrasounds on the synthesis of collagen. This is a first for Silhouet-Tone and is the culmination of exceptional team work. It is an important step in the company’s development and fits within the vision that Silhouet-Tone has for the next few years.


We are proud to present the MPR toroidal RF system with a revolutionary technology that overcomes all preceding radiofrequency units in esthetics.

Other innovative developments are on the way. Stay tuned for more details.

Silhouet-Tone is proud of its history and of everything that has been achieved since. That pride is shared with our clients, since our history is reflective of their history – a dream come true!

Silhouet-Tone is proud of its history and of everything that has been achieved since. That pride is shared with the vast majority of our clients, since our history is reflective of their history – a dream that has become reality!