Winner of numerous awards as a recognition of its commitment to innovation, Silhouet-Tone has built a reputation for its furniture and equipment on a long history of technological innovation, performance, safety, reliability and dialogue with customers including countless ground breaking inventions, from its Structural Remodeling System, Lumicell Wave and Dermapod, to its well-thought-out, sleek design furniture. We pay special attention to each and every detail and are always looking to innovate. Much like our line of specialized equipment, which integrates the latest in non-invasive age management solutions, our furniture combines avant-garde design and exhaustive research, for uncompromising functionality and unparalleled ergonomics.

ETS Electrodes

Our research and development engineers have designed electrodes for esthetic treatments using the latest technology (ETS). ETS involves an innovative synchronization system that delivers energy to the dermis and muscle tissue. The electrodes combine power from multiple energy sources and simultaneously release four types of differentiated current as well as ultrasound. The convergence of five energy sources, at once, creates synergy, resulting in structural remodeling of the face that is both comprehensive and long lasting.


Silhouet-Tone devices are equipped with easy-to-use touchscreens that provide a simplified and concrete overview of each treatment. The intuitiveness of the various functions allow operators to select icons and operate the device with the use of a finger. During the treatment, the multi touch key (zooms in or out) allows for simple, ergonomic movements and simplifies the operation of the device.

Wifi Enabled Devices

Silhouet-Tone’s devices are equipped with Wi-Fi. As a result, clients benefit from free access to the latest updates and countless programs, making their equipment evolve with the industry’s technological advances and preventing  devices from becoming obsolete.

Turbo Flow System

Combining projection and vacuum technology

The Turbo Flow handpiece, which is part of our microdermabrasion system, uses a spiral motion to project crystals onto the skin, delivering perfectly safe and even abrasion for a perfect outcome, with no risk of irritation or discomfort, even on the most sensitive areas.  

Crystal-Free System

and its biocompatible tips

Silhouet-Tone is the first manufacturer to market microdermabrasion tips that are biocompatible with the human body. Tested to comply with ISO-10993-05 standards for biological evaluation of medical devices, these surgical-grade steel tips deliver personalized and even abrasion.

Vector Modulation

Introducing the Thermodyne, the very first Canadian-made electrolysis device in 1972, Silhouet-Tone is making electrolysis history once again with vector modulation – accurate and stable wavelengths that enhance energy transfer.  Modulating the flow of current in a vectorial manner results in unsurpassed comfort as the pain threshold is never achieved.

Green Light (525 nm)

Paving the way in the field of photobiomodulation, Silhouet-Tone has developed the Soli-Tone 400 which was the first device in the world to use green wavelengths for esthetic treatments in 2004.  Today, the Soli-Tone 2500 is the gold standard in photobiomodulation as it promotes skin recovery through the various  layers.

Pneumatic Arms

Integrated pneumatic armrests that Silhouet-Tone has developed are available on chairs that are part of our SBF line. This innovation enables our clients to perform body treatments using professional, high-tech furniture that is both convenient and comfortable.

Seamless Fabrication

We are the only company in the industry to offer seamless frames. In fact, our research and development teams have implemented procedures to fabricate metal structures that have no welding on the hinges. This innovation allows us to offer durable furniture and unprecedented quality.