Supported by many years of experience, we manufacture  all our furniture in-house, from design to the development of the prototype, using materials thoroughly selected for their quality and durability.  All manufacturing steps until the last detail take place in our facilities. This ensures us that our customers receive the best product.

Silhouet-Tone constantly re-evaluates proven methods, techniques and equipment with an eye to ongoing improvement. Whether we are fine-tuning a part, engineering a new product, or planning a training seminar, we pay close attention to every detail. Just like our furniture which combines rigorous design functionality with style, our devices lay equal emphasis on quality and innovation to bring you the latest in non-invasive, age-management solutions.


Convenience and style are closely related. Silhouet-Tone painstakingly examines each and every aspect of its products before going into production. Our teams strive to create advanced, easy-to-operate equipment that gets the job done. As for the visual aspect of our products, we want each piece of equipment and furniture to grace your salon or spa with an added touch of elegance.


The foam we use goes up to three inches (7.6 cm) thick for better comfort.  In accordance with American standards, our eco-friendly foam contains no CFCs, no insecticides and no formaldehyde. It is also free of fillers (typically used to reduce costs but resulting in an irregular and sagging appearance). In addition to its unrivalled comfort due to its high density, our foam is extremely resilient, which allows it to recover its original shape after being compressed.


We use unbreakable Kevlar thread, among other things, to reinforce and strengthen weak points typically located where weight and rubbing take their toll. Our experienced seamstresses change their needles every 2-3 days. This ensures consistent and accurate stitching and helps prevent skipped stitches, resulting in exceptionally durable seams.

Steel & Wood

Our steel-framed furniture is made of 12G or 14G steel, making it rock solid, stable and durable.  Our metal components and those of our suppliers undergo several processes in order to meet RoHS compliance.

Our top quality, FSC-certified wood is sourced from environmentally-conscious and sustainable logging companies. We use computerized cuts to reduce waste. Furthermore, bolt entry points are reinforced with steel plates, protecting the wood from rubbing and instability. Under our cushions, we use 1.9 cm of solid ash, unlike many competitors who use nothing more than 0.63 cm. Proof that the quality of Silhouet-Tone products far exceeds the competition.


Our European-made motors meet international electrical safety standards and are TÜV or UL certified. They also comply with the European Union’s technical standards and show the CE mark.

Our whisper-quiet motors allow for gentle and extremely precise angle adjustments, with slow starts and stops to prevent jarring and abrupt movements.

Our medical devices are licensed by the Department of Health of the Government of Canada (Health Canada) and are also certified ISO 13485.


At Silhouet -Tone, quality is a course of actions that our teams undertake to ensure the production of furniture and equipment that not only look good, but are built from the inside out…to last. Inspired by years of experience, and taking advantage of a full control over all stages of the manufacturing process, we oversee everything down to the last details. Hence we provide our clients with nothing less than the highest-quality products.

Printed Circuits

All printed circuits are drawn, assembled, and designed in our facilities to work in synergy with our systems’ processes, leading to nothing but high-end components to build our systems.

CNC Machines

With our CNC (computer numerical control) machines, we manufacture complex precision parts from wood, plastic and metal, all in our own workshop. In addition to ensuring unrivaled workmanship, this also allows us to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste.

Extraction Tables

Mindful of the health of our employees, we have equipped our factories with extraction tables that safely remove steel dust particulates from the air.  In fact, thanks to our local exhaust ventilation systems, dust is exhausted into a collecting system, leaving employees with a safe and healthy work environment that complies with the guidelines that were set out by the CSST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail).

Welding Equipment

Working with the latest generation of welding equipment, we are able to perform techniques on steel and aluminum.  This allows us to produce each and every part needed to manufacture our products, on-site.

Thermoforming & Injection Molding

Having our own thermoforming and injection molding installations allows us to manufacture parts of various sizes. It also makes it possible for us to create complex shapes such as sharp edges, undercuts and reliefs. As a result, our parts maintain their properties. Moreover, surface finish options are endless.