Steaming | Did you know that…?

Steaming | Did you know that…?

As an owner of a beauty salon  or spa, here are some points about facial treatments you should know about for best results.

Steaming is critical before a facial. The vapor warms up the surface of the skin, opens the pores, enhance the blood circulation and removes toxins from the skin. The benefits of vaporizing your client’s skin face before doing any type of skin care will allow better absorption thus giving better results.

For effective, durable & long-lasting results, choose the VAPO CIRRUS 02 for your salon. This device has earned a reputation in the industry as an absolute must-have. It has a dynamic system (ozone), an integrated system for essential oils & a microprocessor-controlled functionality. This device is the most well-built and reliable steamers on the market.

For all ages, steaming is essential for your client’s face. It repairs any skin irritation, infection and acne, leaving your skin soft and smooth. You should recommend your clients to do a pre-facial once every month and they will sure be satisfied that you have the VAPO CIRRUS 02 in your salon.

Your clients will be leaving your salon fresh, rejuvenized & very relaxed!