Fantastic Anti-Aging Alternative

Silhouet-Tone has once again developed a piece of equipment combining Science & Technologies to combat every facet of the aging process. Clients see visible results in just one treatment and acquire optimal results and longevity within the series. The RMD is a relaxing treatment which is no invasive.

It’s also a fantastic anti-aging alternative during the summer months because it does not make you photo sensitive.

Dr Jerome Edelstein
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Thanks Silhouet-tone

I have been dealing with this company for over 30 years and the employees always aim to please. I am grateful for their efforts. All of their equipment are very high quality, very well made and their maintenance services are also great! The staff are always friendly to us and show willingness to assist whenever we need assistance.
Thanks Silhouet-tone for your service to the esthetic industry!

Lisa Anella
Advanced Esthetics

Vortex Peel is my indispensable

What matters most to me as an esthetician is to have aesthetic devices that can achieve superior results, so that it why the Vortex Peel is my indispensable and favorite device in my institute. I love this device thanks to the power of the engine and the quality of the exfoliation. The skin of my clients is fresher and radiant, after only one treatment! We can see visible and instant results. My customers love it, and that’s why it’s the most popular and best seller treatment in my day spa.

Julie L.
Maison de Beauté Julie

Beyond our expectations

We have the Soli-Lite system at Lilydermis Medical Aesthetics Clinic for several months. It’s actually beyond our expectations. What is important for us is that it works really well specially in combination with peeling procedures like chemical peeling and microdermabrasion Vortex Peel, helps to repair and restore the skin texture faster. With the specific wavelength lights, it works for many conditions for all skin types. The red light is incredibly strong and the result is noticeable just after the first session. The procedure is so comfortable and relaxing for the clients. We can’t say how satisfied we are having the Soli-Lite from Silhouet-Tone.

Thanks Silhouet-Tone.

Dr. Farrokh Farrahi & Dr. Sara Vaziri
LilyDermis - Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Perfect with the Vortex Peel

The continuity of the exfoliation process is perfect with the Vortex Peel. Microdermabrasion has become an important part of my practice. I can now offer my clients this new esthetic treatment for a longer luxury facial.

Pamela Goretski
Pamela’s Skin Care Clinic